Why I love K-dramas: Stories

So why do I love K-dramas? Let me count the ways. One.. American television has lost its appeal to me, for one simple reason, the storytelling pales in comparison to Korean dramas. The stories in K-dramas go from stomach hurting, laugh-out-loud humor one minute to gut-wrenching, tear-inducing heartache the next. K-drama writers are experts (I bow to you, Hong Sisters) at creating complicated storylines, of taking a character from their everyday life,[…]

Lector, intende: laetaberis - A Call to Readers, A Promise of an Author

Three little words. Yet at the same time three very big words. The moment I discovered them they become my motto. They first appeared in print over 1,800 years ago, in the opening pages of the novel Metamorphoses by Roman philosopher Lucius Apuleius. Nearly two millennia later they still ring true. So what do they mean? The exact meaning is up for debate, as everyone reads into them in a different way. The Latin dictionary[…]

Newbies Guide to K-dramas

Welcome to the Hallyu Wave, the crazy, addicting world of Korean dramas. But just what is this world all about? Let me explain… The Korean Wave or Hallyu Wave The Korean wave, also known as the Hallyu Wave, is the name given to the spreading of Korean culture. It began in the mid-90’s with K-pop (Korean pop music) but now includes TV shows and movies. The Wave exploded internationally in[…]

Idea loading...

The idea for a novel can come from anywhere. A conversation. A story on the evening news. An encounter at the grocery store. A dream. Most authors have a hard time pinpointing the exact moment a new story comes to them. For some the idea just hits them out of nowhere – fully formed. For others it may start as a sliver of thought that germinates for weeks, months, or even years before[…]

The Story of a Fairy Tale

The German word for fairy tale is Märchen. More accurately it translates to “wonder tale.” And a fairy tale is most definitely filled with wonder. Most think of this wonder as enchanted forests, magical objects, and mythical creatures-as literal wonders. But the wonder I’m referring to is much different. As characters journey through a story, they change, as a person. Even more so, as a fairy tale journeys through time,[…]

K-drama Love - Falling in Love with the Hallyu Wave

Hi, my name’s T.J. and I’m a K-drama addict. I freely and proudly admit it. It’s probably my biggest addiction – and I mean serious addiction. It’s not about writing… Ok, that’s a lie. It’s all about writing. Before we get to that, let me explain how I got here. I was introduced to Korean dramas (known as K-dramas) in 2010. I stumbled on them while tooling around on YouTube. What I found[…]