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I'm TJ Carr, young adult author, lover of all things fairy tale, mythological or legendary, and proud K-drama addict. I invite you to have a look around, get to know my work, and discover what sparks my imagination... and maybe yours.

I was born, raised, and still live in Vermont, where autumn transforms the landscape into a kaleidoscope of color, and winter is best spent lost in a great book while nestled by a crackling fire.

A lifelong storyteller, I'm fascinated by all things fairy tale, myth, or legend and love stories that give the classics a new twist or take me to unique and exciting places - real or imagined. It's a passion I explore in my paranormal and fantasy stories of young adults embarking on otherwordly adventures as they discover their true selves and inner strengths.

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Inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s classic fairy tale, “Nutcracker and Mouse King.”

Once Clara’s favorite holiday, Christmas is now an event she barely tolerates thanks to one disastrous Christmas Eve nine years ago. But tolerance is better than what she once felt… absolute terror. And she’s worked hard to overcome her fear. Gone are the days of full blown panic attacks and childishly pretending to be sick to avoid opening presents. At sixteen she’s finally ready to face her fears – of decorated trees, her godfather’s house, and most especially, a toy nutcracker.

But her holiday survival skills are tested when a stranger joins her family’s festivities, she interrupts a late night break-in, and is shoved through a magical grandfather clock. Dumped in the middle of a strange yet enchanting world–one locked in a deadly war–Clara’s forced to rely on the cursed boy who’s haunted her dreams for far too long. As she journeys to find her way home, she discovers a power she’s long suppressed, a bond that crosses two worlds, and the courage to fight for what she believes in–whatever the cost.

scars of the winter frost



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