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I’m T.J. Carr, young adult novelist, lover of all things fairy tale, mythological or legendary, and proud K-drama addict - all subjects I explore on this site. I invite you to have a look around, get to know my work, and discover what sparks my imagination… and maybe yours.

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Newbies Guide to K-dramas

Welcome to the Hallyu Wave, the crazy, addicting world of Korean dramas. But just what is this world all about? Let me explain… The Korean Wave or Hallyu Wave The Korean wave, also known as the Hallyu Wave, is the name given to the spreading of Korean culture. It began in the mid-90’s with K-pop (Korean pop music) but now includes TV shows and movies. The Wave exploded internationally in[…]

The Story of a Fairy Tale

The German word for fairy tale is Märchen. More accurately it translates to “wonder tale.” And a fairy tale is most definitely filled with wonder. Most think of this wonder as enchanted forests, magical objects, and mythical creatures-as literal wonders. But the wonder I’m referring to is much different. As characters journey through a story, they change, as a person. Even more so, as a fairy tale journeys through time,[…]

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